polyzol garden

POLYZOL GARDEN is a specially designed membrane for roof-gardens construction. The bitumen compound contains an anti-root additive that makes the material root-resistant. It can be applied to any garden, built on structures. It provides optimal waterproofing and a root-resistant foundation for a roof garden. It has high mechanical strength and can be laid as the top layer or be a part of a multi-layer waterproofing system.

If for roof-garden structure conventional bitumen membranes are used, the roots can penetrate the membrane or at least damage the upper surface which is in touch with the soil and undermine the integrity of the waterproofing layer. Even at metal- or plastic-base reinforced upper layer the roots can cause corrosion.

POLYZOL GARDEN is not only imperforated from the roots but the integrity of the waterproofing surface remains intact.

Противокореновата устойчивост на POLYZOL GARDEN has long anti-root resistance and the anti-root additive is heat-resistant and insoluble in water.
This membrane can be used in the performance of waterproofing for foundations, tunnels arches and underground garages.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name
Flexibility at low temperatures
Heat resistance (2 hours)
Tensile strength in rupture
Relative elongation at break

Polizol GARDEN Prices

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