Since 2021 the company has a completely new policy for production quality

IZOLA-PETROV Ltd. - Manufacturing of waterproofing materials

For more than 30 years IZOLA-PETROV Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of plastomeric and elastomeric modified bitumen membranes with glass-fibre, bitumen shingles and bitumen primer in Bulgaria.

Our Products


bitumen waterproofing membranes


beavertail, honeycomb and rectangular


bitumen strip, bitumen paste, bitumen primer


roof drain, air vents, snow stops
bitumen waterproofing materials

Installation Tips

In the section you can find tips for installation and use of our products

laying bitumen waterproofing

laying a bitumen membrane


Practical guide for laying polymer bitumen membranes


Instructions for laying sheet waterproofing material in winter conditions


Technology for laying rolled bitumen waterproofing on bridge structures

Bitumen Materials

Bitumen is a building and insulating material with universal application. It is used both for roofing and for waterproofing roof surfaces – especially flat ones. It exists in different forms – it can be plastic, elastic or very hard.

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Types of Bitumen Waterproofing

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