polyzol bridge


High-quality plastomer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane with a non-woven polyester base.

  • Upper surface: Quartz sand;
  • Bottom surface: Polyethylene foil;

This is such a product that can withstand the stress and deformation caused by the constant vehicle traffic. It is produced from special bitumen modified with thermoplastic elastomeric materials.

This bitumen modification gives a new material with great elasticity and a wide temperature window of the application, resistance to UV radiation and absolute water-tightness.

The features above combined with high strength features of the base, great durability and puncture resistance allow the bitumen membrane great dynamic loads.

It is a material specially designed for waterproofing road facilities such as bridges, viaducts, tunnels.

The membrane is torch-flame bonded from the polyethilene film side. It is not necessary to take care of further protection of the waterproofing membrane before asphalt concrete laying, which is directly laid on the membrane.

The material complies with the requirements of the Technical specification 2009 of the Road infrastructure agency. A certificate for control has been issued by the Central laboratory for roads to the Road infrastructure agency.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name
Flexibility at low temperatures
Heat resistance (2 hours)

Polyzol BRIDGE Prices

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