POLYZOL 0 – Plastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane with Glass mesh or Polyester impregnated and coated with APP modified bitumen (0°C).

POLYZOL 0 (GF) – Fiberglass, Polyethylene foil

  • Used for making the lower/first layer of waterproofing.
  • Hidden waterproofing – basis and others without direct sunlight.


POLYZOL 0 (GM) – Fiberglass, Mineral granules

  • It is used for making the top/finishing layer for waterproofing flat roofs.
  • The surface is covered with an even layer of natural mineral shale or coloured mineral granules.
  • On one side of the membrane, there is a longitudinal strip without mineral dust to overlap the rolls.

Waterproofing materials from this range are characterized by increased resistance to high temperatures, which makes them particularly suitable for work during the summer season.

ATTENTION: For the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria it is highly recommended to use for the final (last) layer of insulation with APP modified bitumen due to the higher resistance to UV rays.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name
Flexibility at low temperatures
Heat resistance (2 hours)

Polyzol 0 Prices

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