Quality policy


The management of the company represented by the Manager officially declares its  QUALITY POLICY, which is  announced, understood and supported by all the employees of the organization.
Our ambition and work are entirely focused on the clients providing them with quality products and services.

IZOLA PETROV EOOD is considered to be a company which continuously strives to meet the client’s requirements.

IZOLA PETROV EOOD continuously strives to provide the clients  improved products range and service.

IZOLA PETROV EOOD seeks to apply the highest standards of quality assurance to all its activities and to encourage and support the staff in further training and improvement.

IZOLA PETROV EOOD  considers its employees  as the main and most important into resource account and considers  the creation of a creative and motivation work environment. We believe in active communication between all levels of the company.

IZOLA PETROV EOOD  defines as its main object the effective implementation of the sites with full compliance to quality standards.

These objectives IZOLA PETROV EOOD has achieved by:

● continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the documented Quality system in compliance to the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001:2008 „Quality management systems. Requirements.“

● acceptance the only order that can be performed competently and professionally;

● carefully selected and highly skilled staff convinced of the need of continuous development of IZOLA PETROV EOOD  quality system;

● creating conditions for all the employees to identify and make the most of the opportunities for improving their work quality using the optimal resources available.

● determination and correction errors and sources of such errors in the process of work, so such to be avoided in the finishing product in the future;

● control of the each stage of the process from design to acceptance of the construction sites.

Every employee of IZOLA PETROV EOOD undertakes in this contest to  give a personal contribution in implementation of our quality policy.

As a Manager I declare my personal interest and responsibility for implementation of the announced QUALITY POLICY ensuring development and prosperity of the company.

Ivan Petrov – Manager