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The air vents are installed to lead both the residual dampness under waterproofing to the atmosphere and dampness from living premises. They prevent blisters forming in the waterproof membrane as well unbonding of the waterproofing membrane etc. The air vent itself does not reduce the quality of the waterproof membrane and its waterproofing property. The air vent prevents the inconvenience to lose the waterproofing properties.

Air flats for flat roofs

Aerators for pitched roofs – The ventilation pipe is connected to the aerators of the habitable premises – kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms etc. And take the vapours into the atmosphere. The aerator consists of a plate and pivoting pipe. These aerators are suitable for use on roofs having pitches between 8 ° and 50 ° to aerate the attic area as well for ventilation thanks to the large diameter of the pipe. The can be installed on roofs covered with bitumen shingles, modified bitumen, fibrecement, natural slate, ceramic or sheet steel decks roofs. Thanks to the characteristics of the materials, the aerators can be used in working temperature between -25 ° C and 100 ° C.

Aerators suitable for pitched roofs laid with bitumen shingles. The aerators must be installed in a way to direct the air flow towards the eave and ridge.


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